Holistic TCM Treatments



Gua Sha

Tui Na and Fascia Realignment


Ear Seed Therapy

A thorough assessment is conducted which includes physical examination, tongue and pulse diagnoses, in order to determine the individual's current health status and root cause of the presenting health condition, after which the most suitable treatment modality/ies will be selected. TCM treatments aim to enliven the body's self-curative capability to relieve pain, restore balance, strengthen immunity and hasten the resolution of disease.

Chinese Herbal Medicine Consult

The Chinese Materia Medica is primarily
plant-based, inclusive of seeds, leaves,
flowers, stems, roots and barks. Herbal
formulas are carefully matched to the individual’s presenting condition and body constitution a
fter a detailed assessment, in order to help restore balance and harmony to disrupted functions and to enhance health.

TCM Dietary Consult

After a thorough assessment which includes detailed questioning, pulse and tongue analyses, dietary and lifestyle advice are prescribed best suited to the individual's body constitution, in order to hasten the resolution of disease, strengthen immunity and prevent illness.

Often complements TCM Treatments and Herbal Medicine Consults.

Health & Well-being Workshops

Talks on a variety of health topics combining the wisdom of ancient Chinese medicine and modern evidenced-based health enhancement principles.

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